Co-Curricular Events

Business Day

'Business Day' is a yearly event that the entire school is encouraged to participate in, putting to practice knowledge of business learned. They make their own investments by putting up stalls for food, games, art, etc. and are offered the experience of being proprietors and owning their own businesses. The event is open to all and the business with the most profit is awarded at the end of the day.

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Games Day

Once a year the institution hires a ground for the students to give them the opportunity at showcasing their athletic skills. Students are assigned to Houses that compete against each other. Racing events and group matches are held and the students that win are awarded certificates and medals. The points are added up, after which the House with the most points is awarded the Rolling Trophy.

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Graduation Day

On this day the final year students get themselves ready to leave the institution and face the world. The parents and sponsors of the students attend Graduation Day as the students are awarded for their hard work through the year. Along with that, one male and one female student are awarded the 'Student of Year' Rolling Trophies. The night ends with the students meeting their sponsors.

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Teacher's Day

Every year, on the 5th of September all the students come together to put up a programme for Teacher’s Day. It is a day celebrated to appreciate and honor the teachers and the major role they play in the student’s life. The students showcase their talents through dances, skits, singing, etc. to show the teachers how much they value their guidance.

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Every year the graduating classes are taken on a three-day camp at the OM Centre. Here, the students learn practical tools that will help them face the world that they will be going into after they graduate. The final night of the camp is spent around the campfire where the students come together to have an enjoyable time thereby ending the camp on a good note.